Monday, December 26, 2016

The Key to a Good Plan

Zaphod and I had a plan for today - to associate every light and outlet in the main house to its appropriate circuit breaker or fuse.

While I was waiting for Zaphod to set up the Canon so we could make notes on printed floor plans, I sorted through a pile of keys looking for one that matched a rarely used exterior door.  (Butterface and I are still coming to an understanding about who gets to pee in the house and who has to go outside.  A more accessible door might strengthen my case.)

I called to Zaphod that I was giving up - I didn't think the key was there.  He replied that he couldn't figure out how to make the printer work.

"I'm good with keys.  Why don't I do that and you figure out how to print this?"

5 minutes later he handed me the key I wanted and I handed him a printed floor plan.

6 hours later...we were slowed by numerous debates with Benji-Mouse and Frankie about which order their Christmas Lego kits should be built in [all the good Star Wars guys first? or some of the good guys and then some of the bad guys?].  Also there was a  joint attack on Zaphod: both Frogstar and Butterface escaped their respective holding pens and made their way to the basement where Frogstar loaded up his diaper and Butterface unloaded on the basement floor.  (I'm not the only one interested in making the "outside" process easier.)

6 hours later, we had identified almost every circuit in the main house.

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  1. The Key to a Good Plan ... is a wheelbarrow !


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