Thursday, December 29, 2016

Let It Snow

After the first real snow storm.

Trillian (serious): We have ice dams.
Fenchurch (also serious): This is bad, right?
Trillian: Very.
Fenchurch (attempting upbeat): There's a reason that floor is in bad shape.  Do we have tarps or something to protect the floor while we figure it out?
Trillian (practical): A bucket.  A tarp isn't going to let the floor dry out.
Fenchurch (helpfully): Home Depot gives a very small discount on 20+ buckets.
Trillian (still practical): We need to figure out where the leak is coming from.
Fenchurch (stating the obvious): Presumably from the edge of the rubber roof.
Trillian (STILL practical): Zaphod can go up and look.

Before the second real snow storm.

Zaphod (after being on roof) : ...They cut the downspout off, and put trim right under it - but never bothered to plug it up.  They even put rubber roofing below to hold the water in and channel it into the wall.
Fenchurch (impressed): Wow.  What they did, they did well.
Zaphod (sincere, maybe): Very thoughtful of them to think of everything except to plug the freaking hole.
Fenchurch (curious) : What did you do?
Zaphod (explaining) :  Drilled with 2 inch hole saw, and inserted about 8" pipe.
Foam and caulking will have to work 'til spring.

During the second real snow storm.
 (curious): Hi Trillian.  Is the ceiling leaking?
No response.

Fenchurch (extra curious): Hi Zaphod.  Is the roof leaking?
No response.

Fenchurch (resigned to blissful ignorance): Come on, Butterface.  Dinner time!

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