Saturday, October 14, 2017

Flash and Bang

Fenchurch-mom and Fenchurch-dad spent this past week at Highlands Bangor; Fenchurch-dad sawed and banged and carried things with Zaphod while Fenchurch-mom ran in circles after the orbiting Frogstar for whom baby gates now represent mere obstacles rather than boundaries.

We are indebted to them for their help and generosity.

Fenchurch-dad had hoped to see the dark red balau decking go onto the balcony, but alas, there were too many prerequisite steps and he had to go home without seeing the balcony completed.

Another day's work by Zaphod and Fenchurch has finally brought them to the point of laying the deck. 


After Zaphod buys the screws. 

Because he didn't mention to Fenchurch before she went to the hardware store today that he didn't have the necessary screws. 

Because he didn't think they'd make as much progress as they did. 

And Fenchurch declined to go to the hardware store twice in one day because she needed to make sure she had time to passive aggressively snipe at Zaphod via blog post.

Someone has to get up tomorrow to go to the hardware store, that's all Fenchurch is saying.  And that someone probably isn't going to be her.  No sirree-sir, Bob Zaphod.

Videos of the day's work are below.

For those of you who have the time to watch all 4, you can leave your vote in the comments.  Alternatively, we may also call him Wonko the Sane.