Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The May Recap

May has been a month full of hard work and discovery here at Highlands Bangor.

The city came to take away our brush piles.

A friend of Fenchurch's came to help take down the family room ceiling.

This eventually led to the discovery of our "art" brick walls.

We discovered what a ton of plaster debris looks like and costs to dispose of.

A bird discovered that it could fly down the chimney but not back up.

On a trip to Zaphod's parents, Butterface discovered driving at 45 mph is much less effort than running at 45 mph.

Violets have been found in a decrepit planting barrel.  (To make up for the countless forget-me-nots heartlessly mown down.)

And we have a brand new electrical service drop and meters.  We also passed our first electrical inspection due to the stellar work done by Zaphod under the guidance of our electrician.