Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Two Year Anniversary of Highlands Bangor, a Segue

Dear Reader,

The last year has seen substantial changes at Highlands Bangor, and because I (Fenchurch) am reluctant to abandon this blog, I think something needs to be said as a segue between previous posts and future posts.

Two years ago, when I took possession of the keys for this old house, there were 6 people and a dog who had a mutually beneficial plan to live here, restore the house's beauty and prepare it for modern living.  We achieved some of that, but it also became clear that not everyone was mutually benefiting from the arrangement.  And so at the end of July, the family of Zaphod, Trillian, Frogstar, Frankie and Benji moved out for a new town and their own space.

This leaves your's truly as the sole resident and therefore primary caregiver of Highlands Bangor.  It is not a situation I would have willingly chosen two years ago, and it is not a situation I have much more enthusiasm for today.  The house is too big.  There is too much yard, too many floors and windows and not enough money.  And the Maine winter has arrived and clearly has no intention of leaving until April or May.

I frequently remind myself that I could be walking north through Mexico right now, but instead I have a good job, two cuddly dogs and a house that has survived 180 previous winters.  Also, the modern world has invented meal delivery services - so I can now have vegetables Fed-Ex-ed to my door while I ignore the weather, try to keep a greyhound puppy from chewing on the window trim, and adjust to the idea of living long term in Bangor.

At the end of a difficult season, the best plan I can formulate is to hibernate for the winter and hope for something better to grow in the spring.