Sunday, December 25, 2016

Blue Like Shag

Everyone's got an opinion about what should be changed at Highlands (not a lot of love lost on the wood paneling in the family room) and what should be kept as it is (the peacock wallpaper.  I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't love the peacock wallpaper).

Lots of people have also claimed to like this blue shag carpet, but I *think* they were joking.  Regardless, after filling three vacuum bags with blue fiber and dust, I decided the shag was going to defy cleaning and the best course of action was complete removal.

Zaphod found a lose corner and left me and Trillian to complete the task.  Trillian demonstrated an amazing aptitude for pulling up tack-track in long strips (while it just splintered for me), and Butterface was there to  to greypervise the work.

Many staples and nails later, we are left with this.  Trillian and I agree - without the carpet, the wallpaper is almost bearable.  

Note: we did this on Christmas Eve and I only just found time today to report.  
Merry Christmas!!

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  1. wow, it really changes the whole atmosphere of the room! I've always puzzled as to why someone would cover beautiful wood floors with [ugly] carpet! Love you, Mom

  2. Now you have removed the blue sea that the chimney's ships of the line were patrolling !

    You will be at the mercy of the floorboards' pirates !



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