Friday, April 14, 2017

Off Limits

On the days when Trillian is showing off her mad barista skills, Zaphod has charge of Frogstar.  If you think it's hard to clean and mind a toddler, try repairing a dry-rotted joist while your 2 year old explores the 180 year old basement.

But Zaphod managed it with some improvised child gates to limit the little one's wanderings.

Yesterday, Fenchurch was impressed by the joist repair in progress, work the electrician required because he didn't want to run wires through the existing rotted joist.

Today, she was impressed by the nature of the improvised gates after she made the strategic morning error of trying to make both coffee and toast (ok, pop tarts) at the same time - and the electrical infrastructure denied her either.

Venturing down to the basement to reset the circuit, she found her way blocked by this...

...and decided cold cereal and half a pot of cooling coffee would be fine.

Looking for novel ways to keep your toddler contained?  If you can haul it, you can have it!

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  1. Did you get the sister in on both sides? Why don't you run a plank(runway) for cars and let him race cars down it? Or get a bucket of sand for him to play in the kiddie pool with cars; then it is all contained.


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