Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Long Weekend, Long Wires, Long Post

Some photos from the long weekend activities here at Highlands Bangor.

Fenchurch's friend Babelfish spent the weekend.  She and Fenchurch and Zaphod raked and hauled leaves and created what may become the biggest leaf compost heap on the eastern seaboard.  It's as tall as the fence, and the yard isn't finished yet.

While working along our overgrown cedar and lilacs, Zaphod found a t-shirt...

... and Fenchurch found dog poop!  (Enough to half fill two contractor bags.)

The end result was lots of bare dirt, so please focus your attention on the area of purple snow drops.

Also Trillian made a fantastic lamb dinner for Easter Sunday.  (He is risen...)

And on Monday we moved the work indoors.

Zaphod DID get his joist sistered.

And the new electrical panels floated.

And much wire pulled through holes.  (Zaphod generously cleaned out the space behind the existing panels before it was necessary for Fenchurch to investigate the inside.)

If you are really bored, or really supportive, you can watch us unbox a new panel!


  1. supportive, most definitely; Can we label this Progress????

  2. Ah, Spring brings a refreshing breeze, the hope of a warm Summer and success at completing all those jobs you put off during the dead of Winter . . . . I just wonder what Fall will bring? I trust you will look back with much satisfaction on working your way down a long, long 'to-do' list!


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