Thursday, January 5, 2017

Zaphod Speaks the Truth (In Love)

You may recall from Blue Like Shag that we ripped up the "blue room" carpet leaving us at the mercy of the floorboard pirates and also with cold feet.  So Trillian, Frogstar, Fenchurch-Mom and I bundled down to the local Surplus & Salvage to see what we could find by way of replacement carpets.

Long story short, Fenchurch-Mom kept Frogstar entertained while Trillian and Fenchurch picked out a green carpet remnant for Benji-mouse and Frankie's playroom, several area rugs, and a large (13' x 14') piece of textured coffee-brown carpet.

Zaphod helped with the installation of the brown carpet where the blue had been, including levering the radiator up so the carpet could be fitted underneath.  Standing back to survey his work, he commented, "You've managed to transform this room to hideous."

After all the effort involved in laying the carpet out, Trillian and I hated to agree with him, but sometimes you just have to accept the truth.  So the brown carpet was re-rolled and laid out in the next room.  Where it has been deemed, if not "magnificent", at least "much better".

And as Zaphod reminds us, "You sleep with your eyes closed."


  1. I never tire of reading your life!

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  3. Of course we sleep with our eyes closed, otherwise we would see too much to be done and never rest our weary soul.

    1. And there's a reason we're not showing wider angle photos right now. ;o)


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