Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Bath for Fenchurch - Part 1: The Peeing Problem

Highlands was listed as a 2.5 bathroom house.

The home inspector had warned that the floor in the bathroom that was earmarked for Fenchurch probably had a rotten floor, probably as a consequence of the rug.

On day 1, the plumber came and went through the house with Fenchurch to identify which of the bathrooms were really usable and which not.  They stood in the basement and watched water running down the outside of the cast iron waste stack.  Fenchurch decreed that all physical needs would have to be met elsewhere.

For Sale: The plumber believes these fixtures (toilet / sink) to be from the early 40s. We do not plan to re-use them.  Please get in touch if you would like to acquire them.

Posted by Fenchurch.


  1. So would you consider this as "non-truth in advertising"?

    1. Well - you could use them... if you don't mind the water in the basement.


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